Vitamin C Serum by Valentia Skincare Review

Vitamin C Serum by Valentia Skincare Review

So I recently found out you can try certain products at a discounted rate if you agree to do a review, and decided to give it a go! I signed up to this website called Tomoson, and they have a pretty nice selection of products to choose from. I picked a few, and finally got approved for one, so I’m going to do a quick review on it. It’s a vitamin C serum, and I really like it!

The name is “Vitamin C Serum – Antioxidant Treatment – Advanced Plant Stem Cells – Natural & Organic Ingredients – Incl. Organic Rosehip Oil & Sea Buckthorn Oil – 1.18 Oz” by Valentia Skin Care and you can find it at Amazon.

A while back when I went into Sephora, I was advised to use a Vitamin C product to help with the sun damage I have on my neck from a few bad sunburns when I was young. I didn’t buy anything there, because I was overwhelmed with the options. So, this is my first one, so I am hopeful that it will help reverse or repair some of this damage, as I have diligently tried to protect the skin since. When I saw this serum, I really wanted to try it out.

The packaging is very nice and speaks to a quality product. The serum absorbs quickly into your skin, so then you can use a lotion of your choice after. I am looking forward to the results.


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