Hello, my name is Shea Shay and I


responsive web based software applications.


Who I Am

My mission is to create intriguing, functional, and attractive design.
As an intuitive UI/UX Design Director, I work with clients to develop responsive interfaces that will bridge the gap between concept to deployment.
I work for WDD Software, a custom software firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Shea Shay

I like to make things beautiful, and in my free time I enjoy decorating my home and upcycling furniture. I also enjoy concerts, thrifting, and the outdoors.



I am a born and bred hoosier, currently residing in the city of Westfield, Indiana, and working in Indianapolis, with my family and 2 cats.



I am a practiced web designer with over sixteen years in the industry. This experience has taught me to be independent and attentive to detail.

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My Skills


HTML is the foundation of how websites are built, while CSS handles the visual appearance.

Interface Design

UI is visual design that communicates to people, with the focus on the user's experience and interaction.

User Experience

Smart UX is creating an intuitive, efficient system that makes people feel good when interacting with it.

Web Design

The process of combining layout, color, and content to present electronically to end-users.

Logo Design

Your logo is a graphical representation of your brand and its identity via the use of a mark or icon.


Javascript is the interactive element of a website that layers with HTML and CSS to make web pages dynamic.


Happy Web Designing



Recent designs I’ve worked on.

ChaCha Application Design
ChaCha Application Design
08 Jan 2014
ChaCha Rebrand
ChaCha Rebrand
15 Aug 2013
ChaCha Hunger Games Spread
ChaCha Hunger Games Spread
11 Apr 2013
ChaCha National Geographic Spread
ChaCha National Geographic Spread
09 Apr 2013
ChaCha This is The End Spread
ChaCha This is The End Spread
09 Apr 2013
ChaCha Hobbit Spread
ChaCha Hobbit Spread
05 Apr 2013
ChaCha Man of Steel Spread
ChaCha Man of Steel Spread
28 Mar 2013
ChaCha IronMan Spread
ChaCha IronMan Spread
28 Mar 2013


Some of the companies I’ve designed for.

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  • If you are seeking to employ Shea, what you need to know is that she LOVES to learn new things and is constantly striving to improve herself! I would recommend her to ANY web design firm looking for a hard working, goal oriented, team playing master of color and web design.

    Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis
    Principal at MaryDesigns
  • Shea is an intelligent, thoughtful developer with high standards and good instincts. She is a pleasure to work with and would be an excellent addition to any team.

    Tricia Meeley
    Tricia Meeley
    Project Manager at NuOrbit
  • Shea is one of the finest designers I have ever came across, her passion for designing is adorable. I submitted her for one of my direct clients, GE, for a Web Designer role, and within 20 minutes of her client interview I got the feedback that they want Shea to start at GE. She was one of easiest candidates I have placed.

    Aaquib Feroz
    IT Recruiting Manager at VSoft Consulting
  • Shea is an excellent designer. She is professional and very sharp. Her efficiency is just as superb as her creativity. If I need a web presence, I’ll say Shea, and so should you!

    Scott Hibbs
    Scott Hibbs
    Computer Technician at TLS.net

Contact me

Got a user interface design question? Need advice about user experience? Feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form below.